• Cardano Stake Pool
Since 20-07-2020 • 
Epoch 208
Choosing One of Our Pools
Over time both our pools will perform about the same in terms of reward performance.
Pool 1
Steady Performance
With pool 1 you get steady results; earning rewards every epoch* with little variance in performance. Just sit back, relax and let your ADA grow.
Pool 2
More Varied Performance
Pool 2 enjoys more variance epoch to epoch. Whilst it's true some epochs are below average others can be 200%. All this makes for more intersting epochs.
Both our pools will perform in line with the performance parameters dictated by the network. Maximise your rewards with us as we will always run low margins; currently 0% across both our pools.
*The way pools perform is based on their saturation; higher saturated pools mint more blocks, all pools are expected to mint a certain amount. Pool 'performance' is measured by comparing what was minted by what was expected. All pools perform in line with the network parameters so higher saturated pool will not give higher returns. As our pools satuartion changes the performance of the pools in terms of variance epoch to epoch is subject to change.
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Dear Delegates

We obviously hope you decide to delegate to one of our pools -- we can only do this with you so always want to ensure you have the best experience whilst with us.  We also hope you come and join our great, friendly Telegram community. However please be aware of scammers.  Noone at Elite will ever contact you, by any means, asking you to send or transfer your ada somewhere, we will never ask you for your wallet keys or anything relating to your crypto.  If someone contacts you claiming to be from Elite please let us know, and please, please don't do anything they ask you.  With self-custody comes great responsibility; you are ultimately responsible for your own actions so rembember if you do get caught out we cannot help you in any way or accept any liability.
Cardano Blockchain Explorer
Developed by us for the Community
Stake Pools
■  Search for Pools by ticker, pool1 or pool-id.
■  Supports partial matches in searches.
■  Detailed Pool Dashboards.
■  Explore Pool history and more
■  Discover Pool Groups and Associations.
■  Explore and filter pools.
■  Operator tools including pool data and plug-ins.
■  Search for delegates by stake or used addr.
■  Supports partial address search.
■  Explore Rewards, Delegation History and more.
■  Integration with a range of lite-wallets.
■  Explore and filter delegates by Pool.
Additional Features
■  Save your favorite pool and/or address for easy access.
■  Cardano Dashboard with loads of information.
■  ADA currency exchange rates with favorites.
■  Dedicated Pool and Delegate views.
Open PoolStats
Who We Are
Our Passion
Why we are doing this
At Elite Stake Pool we want to help build a future where each of us controls our own financial destiny. Cardano enables opportunities for every person on the planet to realise this vision and achieve independence from legacy banking systems.

Beyond the financial advantages, we want to be part of the community that will bring a positive change for the world, delivering the incredible possibilities Cardano and Blockchain can bring.
The Team
Two veteran IT specialists in cloud and netsec with over 50 years combined experience.

We are both long-time crypto enthusiasts, serious about being part of the Cardano project and in it for the long haul.

Fully committed to the Cardano ecosystem and all the possibilities it can bring. We are really excited about this technology and proud to be part of the community.
Why Stake With Us ?
Our Commitment
Our commitment to our delegators and the project
■  You maintain 100% custody and control of your ADA.
■  Both pools currently enjoy 0%.
■  Pool margins are regulary reviewed.
■  600,000 ADA pledged across our pools.
■  Fully committed to the Cardano Project.
■  All Pool operator rewards are added to the pledge pool.
■  Increasing the expected Block-Minting rate.
Physical Servers
Hardware Platform
All relays and block producers have
4 Core Processors
32 GB Memory
500 GB SSD
1 Gigabit Network
High Speed Internet
Environmentally Conscious
Keeping waste and power consumption as low as possible
■  Average 200 watts for all servers & infrastucture
■  Total peak of less than 400 watts across both sites
Our Infrastructure
Security and Resillience
Ensuring Stability and Maximum up-time across our nodes
■  Producer Nodes are protected by multiple Relays.
■  Dedicated firewalls further secure our Nodes.
■  Relay redundancy across sites.
■  Producers auto-connect across sites for resilience.
■  Decentralized pool strategy.
■  Direct relay mesh network.
■  Relays interconnect with each pool.
■  Co-located, dual site redundancy.
■  Full capacity per site, load-balanced.
■  Platform resiliance ensures 100% uptime.
■  Custom monitoring platform ensures auto-failover.
■  Members of the Cardano Bare Metal Alliance.